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*Stars* [userpic]
Summer Hiatus Drabble/Fic Request & Claim Post
by *Stars* (stars91)
at May 21st, 2008 (08:18 am)

***The COMMUNITY RULES have been updated.***

ETA: I'm linking *all* previous drabble/fic request and claim posts to this entry, that way if you don't find anything that sparks your muse here, you can try browsing the other posts! This post is also linked now in the sidebar for easy access!

Drabble Request Post I

Drabble Request Post II

Drabble Request Post III

Graphics/Vid Request Post I

1. You *must* read the RULES in order to participate!

2. ANYONE who would like to submit a request to be written will comment to this post. You need to copy and paste the following form into your comment and answer each question!!! You do not have to write a request to submit one, though the more writers that participate the better! You may request as many drabbles/fics as you like, though there are no promises on how many of them will be claimed.

3. The requests are going to be written as drabbles/ficlets, this means they will be at least 100 words to be considered a drabble, but I'm not putting a limit on the maximum number of words used because that's suppressing creativity yo! *G*

4. All drabbles/fics that are written can only be posted on THURSDAYS! There will not be a DUE BY date this time around. Whenever you get your drabble/fic finished you can post/link to it on any Thursday!

5. If at anytime you have a question.....ASK!!!!!! No stupid questions, just stupid answers, and those will most likely come from me so no worries on your part! *G*

6. Each request may be claimed by only ONE author! I'm sure there will be plenty of requests to go around!

7. When posting your drabble/ficlet please make sure you place the actual story behind a cut-tag! Use the follwing example as a guide.


Timeline (pre-series, s1, s2, s3-aired eps only):
Specific Episode:
Prompts (up to 3 objects, words or phrases):


Character(s): Dean, Sam, Bobby
Timeline: season 1
Specific Episode: Post 'Devil's Trap'
Prompts: melted silver, whiskey, wallet

COMMENT: *deansgirl* says: I want to write this one!
...COMMENT: *stars91* says: It's yours!


Spoiler Warnings: Just to be safe lets use this spot to indicate what season the story takes place in, regardless of whether it is the first season or an already aired ep of season 3...okay?
Author's Notes:

<* - cut-tag>Drabble Title<*/ - cut-tag>

Get the idea kids??? If not, just ask!

Feel free to link to this post, the more people we have participating, the better!


Posted by: wilwarin1 (wilwarin1)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2008 10:08 am (UTC)
Re: Request Yo

I'll take this one!

And to show I've read the updated rules: New Harmony.

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