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*Stars* [userpic]
5.27.08 - Mod Post - Open Posting Day!
by *Stars* (stars91)
at May 27th, 2008 (08:42 am)


Today is 'Open Posting Day'!!! Anything that was not written specifically for this community but fits the criteria for this community may be posted/linked to today!

Please post/link in a NEW entry!


Posted by: Starrylizard (starrylizard)
Posted at: May 28th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
suggestion box

Hai! *waves*

May I suggest that you link the prompt posts in the sidebar again? I kinda wander across to check them out when I'm bored and looking through the tabs is that little bit more cumbersome. You could always link the older posts to the new post and then just link the newest one in the sidebar.


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